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Spanish System Tennis Course (SSTC)

In the last 20 years, Spanish tennis has produced a World Number 1 every five years: Arancha Sánchez Vicario (1995), Carlos Moya (1999), Juan Carlos Ferrero (2003) and Rafa Nadal (2008). At present, Rafael Nadal, nº1 ATP, Olympic Gold medallist in Beijing, 8 time winner of the French Open, 2 time Wimbledon Champion, 2 time US Open Champion, 1 Australian Open, 26 Masters 1000  and the first Spaniard to win the Golden Grand Slam, helps confirm the unrivalled success of Spanish tennis on all surfaces over the last two decades.

At present, Spain is the number one tennis power in the world and has developed charismatic players:  Nadal, Ferrer, Almagro... with fighting spirit, commitment, work ethic, sacrifice, dedication, humility, and talent:  characteristics of success on which our country is based. Spain has always produced players in the Top-100 classification of the ATP and WTA rankings, one of a very select few countries that have been able to maintain this level over many years.

The Spanish team has now won the Davis Cup 5 times (2000, 2004, 2008, 2009 and 2011) and the Fed Cup 5 times (1991, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1998) and they have competed in many other finals. Spain has more than 1.000 tennis schools distributed all over the country and almost 100 competition tennis teams, plus we have a great structure of professional tournaments with different levels of prize money from $10.000 to the ATP/WTA tournaments in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia. In addition, Spain has hundreds of national tournaments in different categories. To achieve these results, the training and development of tennis coaches has been crucial, and this tennis revolution has been possible thanks to the leadership of the Registro Profesional de Tenis : RPT


In 1989, Luis Mediero, one of the leading figures in Spanish tennis, founded the RPT with the main drive of offering different training programmes, international certifications and membership services to professional coaches, tennis clubs and centres of education, as well as promoting the sport at all levels.

Since its creation, the RPT has certified more than 5.000 professional coaches throughout Spain, working with the majority of tennis schools and academies in the country. In the 25 years of the RPT, it has delivered more than 1.000 training courses, 50 national conferences, 15 educational tours and 25 international symposiums, as well as running over 200 promotional activities and conducting more than 500 clinics involving more than 500.000 players, giving the opportunity to all professional coaches in Spain to have access to and be involved in our systems, methods of training and education, technology and innovations in the tennis industry.

This culture and philosophy have placed the RPT as a leader in coach training and education, which today has more than 20.500 certified coaches in 121 countries.


RPT International Tennis Program has the objective of spreading the “Spanish Tennis Teaching System” around the world, offering coaches of different countries the opportunity to know the systems and teaching methods that have proven successful in Spanish tennis.


Professionals who manage tennis centres, all national and/or international ATP/WTA/ITF circuit coaches who have national or international qualifications, or ATP/WTA ranked players who want to move from their playing careers to teaching tennis or any teaching tennis professional who would like to know the Spanish System and the key features of Spanish tennis success.


In order to attend this course, you must be a minimum of 20 years of age and have one of the following qualifications:   Governing Body Professional qualification, International Tennis Federation (ITF), Registro Profesional de Tenis (RPT), European Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT Europe), Group ESTESS, International Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT International), Registro Profesional de Tenis Latinoamericano (RPT Latinoamérica), Asian Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT Asia), American Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT America), United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA), United States Professional Tennis Registry (USPTR) or International Coaches Institute (ICI), Professional Tennis Coaches Association (PTCA). Also WTA or ATP players can attend the course.

The RPT’s Basic Educational System has been completely renovated by a new patent: tetafime, which is composed of four interconnected, integrated and entwined pillars, TE: Technical, TA: Tactical, FI: Physical and ME: Mental, to help obtain the Ideal Competitive State.

WORK PROGRAMME: (3 days/ 30 hours)

In the Spanish System Tennis Course (SSTC), you will experience the four basic levels that make up the complete professional education training programme of the RPT.

Day 1: Level 1: Basic Beginner System

Designed for teachers and trainers who are working with players of different ages:

  • Streetennis: children from 3 to 7 years.
  • Charlytennis: young players from 8 to 14 years.
  • Adultennis: adults.

Day 2: Level 2: Basic Advanced System & Level 3: Basic Competition System

Designed for all those technical coaches who work with advanced and competition level players.

Day 3: Level 4: - Director of Tennis
Designed for all those who are involved in managing and running clubs, tennis schools, sports centres and tennis programmes.


In the Spanish System Tennis Course (SSTC), the programme is a combination of
theory and practical work totalling 30 hours over 3 days.

The first day: 08:00 to 20:00 hours.
The second day: 08:00 to 20:00 hours.
The third day: 08:00 to 14:00 hours.


The course offers a complete package of materials to every participant, which includes: Folder and Manual of the Spanish System Tennis Course: 150 pages.

WES password: +2.000 hours online education

10 DVD´s

1 DVD Streetennis:

Part 1: Tennis Skills
Part 2: Motor skills exercises
Part 3: Racket skills exercises, games and circuits

1 DVD Charlytennis:

Part 1: Technical and exercises for coordination
Part 2: Basic exercises
Part 3: Practical exercises, games and competitions

3 DVD Stroke Production:
Part I: Players 14 and under
Part II : Players 18 and under
Part III Professional Players

1 DVD CDS: Concept Drive System:

“5 Actions Concept”

1 DVD S2P: Simple, Sensible & Practical

"5 Reference Points"

1 DVD New Generation

The New Spanish Armada 1

1 DVD SBIniciación

1 DVD SBAvanzado


Throughout the duration of the course there will be a continual assessment of each coach both on and off court. Coaches that achieve the required standards will receive all the relevant certificates. Coaches that do not achieve the standards will be provided with an action plan and future assessment opportunities.

On successful completion of the course coaches will be awarded the Spanish qualification of the Registro Profesional de Tenis, the European qualification of the European Registry of Tennis Professionals, American qualification of the United States Professional Tennis Association and International qualification from the International Registry of Tennis Professionals:

Spanish Qualification
RPT España
European Qualification
RPT Europe
American Qualification
International Qualification
RPT International
Director de Tenis Head Professional Elite Professional Professional Tennis Director

The qualification has an automatic professional equivalency with the International Coaches Institute and the Professional Tennis Coaches Association of Spain, and it´s also recognised by the Professional Tennis Coaches Association & ESTESS Athletic University.


1.200 $ (US Dollars)

The price of the course includes:

Course material previously described & WES password

Certificate of Attendance

Certificate of National qualification - RPT Spain

Certificate of European qualification - RPT Europe

Certificate of International qualification - RPT International (Asia, Latinoamérica, USA&Canada y Europa)

Certificate of the Professional Tennis Coaches Association - PTCA

Certificate of Group ESTESS (Sweden, Austria, Germany & Luxemburg)

Certificate of the International Coaches Institute

License of the Professional Tennis Coaches Association of Spain

Services of the RPT Club throughout the current calendar year, until December 31.


Luis Mediero is considered to be a "guru" in tennis education and one of the leaders in the success of Spanish tennis. Recognised as “Best Tennis Teacher in the World" on two occasions and as one of 10 most influential people in coach education worldwide, Mediero founded the Registro Profesional de Tenis in 1989. As President of the RPT, he has placed the organisation as a world leader dedicated to offering programmes and training, international certification and services to tennis professionals worldwide. The RPT currently has more than 20.500 qualified coaches in 121 countries around the world.

In his +30 year professional career, Mediero has directed courses, clinics and conferences in more than 80 countries, he has published 9 books, 24 videos and 22 manuals, 20 cd's, 30 dvd's, and has published hundreds of national and international articles.

As founder and President of the International Coaches Institute, he has developed this culture, philosophy and methodology of training and education to other sports, which operate across his respective Professional businesses: Padel-Tenis (RPP); Golf (RPG); Fitness (RPF); Spa (RPS). The ICI also is present in the world of wine and gastronomy with the Professional Registry of the Wine: RPWine, and Professional Registry of Gastronomy: RPGastro. He has also developed the Corporate Training programme whereby the secrets of sport are applied to the world of corporate business, with the purpose of offering different ideas and systems both theoretically and practically to enable executives to reach the maximum performance.

Mediero has an incomparable career with 8 Masters Professional qualifications and more than 150 certificates in different sectors, which have turned him into a genuine entrepreneur in the tennis industry, patenting in 1990 his first method of training the MTM: SBIniciación, SBavanzado, SBcompetición, SBdirección and CITenis. Later, in 1997 Streetennis was introduced as a method to develop children; in 2000 for young players: Charlytennis; in 2001, wheelchair tennis: Wheeltennis; in 2002 for competition players: Academytennis; in 2004 for adults: Adultennis; in 2006, he patented a new and revolutionary methodology called "CDS: Concept Drive System", a new concept based on a system where it is necessary to drive a teaching system, in 2008: " S2P: Simple, Sensible and Practical ", three key words that are the common denominator in the programmes of the RPT for players of all levels which teaches tennis in a Simple and 100% practical way, in 2010 “WES: Web Education System” which uses the internet in order to connect coaches around the word through “EBS: Educational Basic System”. In 2012 the new innovation: TETAFIME, four interconnected pillars: TE: Technical, TA: Tactical, Fi: Physical and Me: Mental to obtain the Ideal Performance State.

Adrian Rattenbury is one of the most experienced tennis coaches and educators in the world, today with more than 25 years educating coaches from 70 different countries and one of only 20 International Master Professionals in the World.

He has been recognised as the World, Europe, Middle East and UK Coach of the Year and has been recognised as a Master Professional in Europe and the USA. Adrian has earned himself a tremendous international reputation in the tennis industry. A former Davis Cup coach he led this teams in 13 rounds of the event, and a further 31 international competitions at Senior and Junior levels. Adrian has also been heavily involved in developing and maintaining grassroots tennis becoming the first person to create a company managing tennis at this level in the UK overseeing over 100 tennis courts around the country.

Adrian played a decisive role in the introduction of wheelchair tennis in Britain, and has been coach of the National Deaf team. He was instrumental in developing a programme involving 22 coaches hired by a local authority introducing tennis to about 2,000 children each week, free of charge. From this programme players went onto compete in ATP, WTA and ITF world rankings events. In 1987 he created a training course called "Mark of a Pro", which continues to be the leading technical training course available in the UK.

Adrian worked together with the ATP and Luis Mediero to reintroduce its training programme for players who retire from playing on the circuit, called ATP Professionals Programme. The course has been delivered during the Miami Masters Series at the ATP headquarters in Monte Carlo, in Ponte Vedra Beach (USA), and during Wimbledon. Adrian was also the Director of Programmes at the ATP, responsible for managing the ATP Camps worldwide, involving more than 200,000 players. The ATP adopted the RPT instruction programme for their camps, extolling the success of the teaching methods of the RPT.

He has presented numerous lectures, symposiums and clinics throughout the world, including China, where he and his team became the first coaches to ever play and teach tennis on the Great Wall of China. Adrian regularly contributes to different media and had his own column in national tennis magazines. Adrian was responsible for introducing the RPT in the UK in 1998, and has been the main driver of the international expansion of RPT overseeing the development of the RPT in different countries in Europe, the Middle East and the launch of the RPT office in Hong Kong, from where it began expanding in the Asia-Pacific market. Adrian is currently the President of the European Registry of Tennis Professionals Ltd (RPTeurope), Pro-Sport Education Solutions Ltd and Pro-Sport Alliance Ltd. He is also an advisor to the LTA Coach Education Committee, a Regional Director for England Golf and an education consultant to English Lacrosse.



”From the Equelite – Juan Carlos Ferrero´s Academy foundation we have always had a special link with the RPT. All of our coaches are RPT qualified and are members of the RPT Club.”
Antonio Martínez Cascales: Juan C. Ferrero Coach  & RPT Professional Coach since 1996/RPT International Master Pro.
President, Equelite - Juan Carlos Ferrero Tennis Academy.

”The RPT offered me my first professional certification and since then the Sanchez-Casal Academy have collaborated with the RPT. All of our coaches are RPT qualified and are members of the RPT Club.”
Emilio Sánchez-Vicario: RPT Professional Coach 1999 / RPT International Master Pro. Spain Davis Cup Capitan Champion Team 2008.
Academia Sánchez-Casal Founder.

“The RPT was the first organisation that recognised the work done with Rafa Nadal. Their influence in the development of Spanish tennis coaches have been really important.”
Toni Nadal: Rafa Nadal Coach & RPT Professional Coach 2003/RPT International Master Pro.

“Thanks to the RPT, all coaches have a reference point. They were the first to recognise my work with Carlos Moyá. Their role in the development of the tennis in Spain has been crucial.”
Juan Bosch: Carlos Moya Coach & RPT Professional Coach 2004.

“The RPT have made the difference in last 20 years and it has been a key factor in the success of tennis in our country. Thanks to the RPT all coaches have developed to a new level of coaching.”
Francisco Vicent: President  Professional Tennis Coaches Association of Spain & RPT  Professional Coach 1995/RPT International Master Pro.

“Luis Mediero and the RPT have proved that they know what is most incredibly difficult: growth without losing their identity. Their contribution to tennis in last 20 years has been incredible.”
Tim Heckler: exCEO, United States Professional Tennis Association / USPTA / RPT International Master Pro.

03 - 04 April | Singapore

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